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PetCentric Pet Parent FAQs

What is PetCentric Health?

Your vet has partnered with us to help improve your pet care experience and drive high quality care. Our subscription-based model and interactive technology is offered through your vet to provide you with a progressive way to pay for the best-in-class preventative care your vet recommends annually.

How does the PetCentric Health Care Plan give me a better pet parent experience?
Here are some of the ways.
  • Paying for pet care can be expensive and unpredictable (i.e., stressful!). Your vet knows that pet parents are increasingly seeking the predictability of a subscription model.
  • Your vet’s plan is structured to provide a significant price discount compared to the market-value of the included services conveniently packaged in an affordable monthly payment.
  • You have access to a pet Flexible Spending Allowance, a pet parent benefit to cover the unexpected.
  • PetCentric Health’s technology gives you improved visibility into your pet’s electronic health record and access to valuable resources that progressive pet parents want.
What is the pet Flexible Spending Allowance (pet FSA)?
We are glad you asked. The pet FSA is an innovative feature your vet is providing.
  • The pet FSA gives each pet parent subscriber a balance of funds available to cover unexpected costs. These funds can be used on a transaction-less basis in your vet’s clinic (i.e., no reimbursement needed!) or they can be used outside your vet’s clinic for things like emergency or specialist visits.
  • The main purpose of the FSA is to reduce a common financial barrier to getting pets the care they need when they need it most
  • 75% of any unused FSA can be carried forward to your next plan year!
  • The pet FSA cannot be used for retail products.
  • The funds available in the FSA are limited and may not cover all unexpected health expenses in a given plan year.
Is this Pet Insurance?

We get that question a lot. No, it is not pet insurance. Unlike insurance, your vet’s care plan is designed to help you afford preventative wellness and the occasional cost of the unexpected by providing you with the pet Flexible Spending Allowance. Normally, the majority of the expected pet health expenses are not covered by pet insurance. A primary care plan also has no breed, age or preexisting condition restrictions! Our solution is a subscription based plan allowing you to budget and pay for your pet’s expenses on a monthly basis.

However, for some pet parents, purchasing pet insurance to cover major unexpected accidents and illnesses can provide extra peace of mind. Pet parent subscribers have access to PetCentric Health’s Market Hub that includes additional offerings such as pet insurance for major medical coverage.  

How is this different from the “wellness” that's covered on my insurance?

We understand this can be confusing. Most wellness add-ons offered by insurance companies function on a reimbursement model (i.e., you pay in clinic and then have to request reimbursement on the backend) and typically will not cover 100% of your preventative care spend at your vet. Your vet’s PetCentric Health Care Plan is transaction-less and does not require reimbursement for in-clinic services, including for your pet FSA. Just come in for your visit and go! 

How is PetCentric Health connected to my vet?

Good question. Your vet partnered with PetCentric Health to provide you with a new and better way to pay for the best-in-class care they recommend. PetCentric Health aligns with your vet, but we are still two independent companies. PetCentric Health is not involved in the delivery of veterinary medicine. Your vet is still your vet. That doesn’t change.

Why did my vet adopt the PetCentric Health model?

Simple: to give you a better pet parent experience and to help improve the quality of care provided to your pet. Vets leverage us to provide you with access to quality care and an innovative way to pay for your pet’s care over the year.   

Why is this better for my pet?

Our goal is to help improve your pet’s health outcomes. Your vet knows what best practice care looks like. However, experience shows that a significant percentage of pets do not receive best practice care for lots of reasons. Your plan will include everything your vet recommends in an affordable monthly payment, including a pet Flexible Spending Allowance available to pet parent subscribers. PetCentric Health also helps pet parents keep up with their pet’s health record and serves as a reminder for when care is needed. We all forget that monthly prevention chewable from time-to-time. PetCentric Health helps you remember!

Who do I contact if I have questions?

That depends on the question. Your vet is not changing, so any questions about your pet’s care should be directed to your vet. Also, your vet is very familiar with the PetCentric Health solution and should be able to answer any questions you have about your subscription. However, if your question is still not answered, please let us know. We are here to help and can be reached at [email protected].

What do I do if I have an emergency or unexpected cost that I have to pay for outside of my vet’s clinic?

Don’t stress – this part is easy! Your vet will allow your FSA to be used at select emergencies or specialty clinics available in your dashboard under Emergency Contacts. You can also use your FSA through your vet’s online pharmacy if not available at your vet’s office. Simply upload your receipt and we’ll begin the reimbursement! FSA funds are generally limited to be used for emergency services outside of clinic and your vet’s online pharmacy store.

Does PetCentric Health support any animal welfare charities?

We can tell you are an animal lover! We are doing a number of things right now and will be doing more in the future. We have partnered with the ASPCA, one of the largest humane societies in the world. You can link to them via the PetCentric Health pet parent interface. You can also link to Grounds and Hounds, a great coffee company we have partnered with that pledges to donate a percentage of profits to animal welfare causes.

I often travel with my pet. Is the PetCentric Health solution portable?

Yes, but it depends somewhat on your vet’s policy. Your pet Flexible Spending Allowance is always portable (e.g., you are camping out of state and your pet suffers an injury. Your pet FSA is available to reimburse you for that local emergency care.) We also know that pet parents occasionally visit out-of-town vets for occasional wellness and preventative care visits. Whether or not that care is covered by your subscription depends on your vet’s policy. Ask your vet to find out.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, whenever you want. Your vet believes the PetCentric Health model is a better way for you and your pet, so they hope you don’t cancel. But we know that circumstances change. So, if you need to cancel, no problem. Just request a cancellation under your pet parent online account in your dashboard. Cancellation is subject to the PetCentric Health Primary Care Plan Terms.

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