Why a tailored subscription-based primary care plan could be right for your practice.


PetCentric Health does all the administrative lift of providing a subscription-based primary care plan that includes all your preventative recommendations for a year of health, while not having to worry about the hassle of managing the plan. We have no ongoing fees to the veterinarian. Practices experience improved compliance rates, financial health and less stress.

See what you could design as an offering in your practice – powered by PetCentric!

Empowering Veterinarians through Customization


Healthier Pets by Meeting Market Demands


Administrative Ease & Process Efficiencies


Eliminate E-script Writing


Why PetCentric

Access to Care for Pets

PetCentric Interface

» Transaction-less in-clinic for pet parents

  • Our Pet Flexible Spend Allowance allows pet parents to save for unexpected health costs.
  • Subscription-based primary care models make pet healthcare affordable.

Veterinarian Health

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Practice financial health

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Compliance, pet parent engagement and satisfaction

Administrative lift of implementing a quality primary care plan

Time spent on e-scripts, upselling and marketing

A PetCentric Health plan offering given to pet parents by your practice, but powered by us can empower you to give true comprehensive primary to pets.

Our plans can:

  • increase financial health for a practice
  • lower staff stress
  • improve preventative compliance and
  • allow you to spend more time truly treating pets instead of upselling and writing e-scripts for lost pharmacy revenue.

Veterinarians are facing constant pressures both within their practice as labor shortages rise within a rapidly evolving industry and pressure from pet parents to make care affordable for them.

    Veterinarian Health
    Market Hub

    Market Hub

    Our PetCentric Market Hub allows vets and pet parents to explore savings + offerings from preferred partners.

      PetCentric Interface

      Featuring preferred partners with perks accessible through our PetCentric plans

      Pet Premium
      PetScript Pharmacy

      We leverage strategic partnerships to further serve the pet’s entire continuum of care for best practice resources and market partner savings for vets and pet parents alike.

      PetCentric Health

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