PetCentric Health is thrilled to announce its partnership with Embark Veterinary Inc., the industry leader in dog DNA testing. 

By Danielle Seat

Unraveling the secrets of a dog’s genetic past can pave the way for a healthier future. By harnessing the power of Embark‘s DNA testing capabilities, PetCentric Health veterinarians gain valuable insights into a dog’s genetic health risks. Armed with this knowledge, they can identify potential diseases early and provide targeted prevention medication.

“At PetCentric Health, we prioritize proactive healthcare to address potential issues before they escalate,” Heather Moore, CEO of PetCentric Health said.  “Embark’s DNA testing is the perfect complement to our subscription, enabling veterinarians to focus on preventive care based on a dog’s unique genetic profile.”

Through PetCentric Health’s innovative subscription service, veterinarians are empowered to design personalized long-term healthcare plans tailored to each pet’s specific needs, eliminating the need to compromise care due to sudden upfront costs. With a clear understanding of their fur-baby’s genetic history and the potential health issues they may be prone to, pet parents and veterinarians can take proactive steps to prevent issues before they manifest.

Embark is partnering with PetCentric Health because determining a dog’s breed ancestry and genetic health risks not only helps guide personalized veterinary care, but also helps bolster the human-animal bond and the dog owner-veterinarian relationship,” Dr. Jenna Dockweiler from Embark Veterinary Inc. said.

As part of this partnership, veterinarians now have the ability to integrate Embark‘s Dog DNA Test Kits into their PetCentric Health plans. Alternatively, pet parents can use their Pet FSA to add the kit as a diagnostic service.  Embark Veterinary Inc.’s Dr. Jenna Dockweiler emphasized the profound impact science and technology can have on a dog’s life.

“Both Embark and PetCentric Health are committed to partnering with veterinarians to improve the lives of dogs by helping them lead longer, healthier lives,” Dr. Dockweiler said.

By making pet healthcare more affordable, accessible, and focused on individual needs, PetCentric Health and Embark are dedicated to ensuring that dogs receive the highest standard of care, leading to happier, healthier lives.