Greenville, SC –Affordable and appetizing are not typically two words to describe your pet’s medication, until now!

PetCentric Health is thrilled to announce its partnership with PetScript Pharmacy, a renowned compounding pharmacy specializing in affordable veterinary medications made with your pet’s health and taste buds in mind. 

“Our partnership with PetScript will further leverage strategic benefits to our partner veterinarians,” said PetCentric CEO, Heather Moore. “In addition to our primary focus of innovating the industry’s approach to primary care for our pets, we aim to ensure we have strategic partnerships that can offer our hospitals additional practice efficiencies and practice-level savings beyond our primary care subscription platform.”

Through PetCentric’s primary care subscription, veterinarians will have access to exclusive PetScript pharmaceuticals, bringing forth a wide range of options for pet owners, veterinarians and pets alike. PetCentric’s unwavering commitment to addressing the full spectrum of pharmaceutical needs, including specialized medications, perfectly aligns with PetScript’s comprehensive offerings. Together, they are blazing the trail towards a new era of exceptional pet care.

PetScript Chief Growth Officer, Jonathan Padgett, proudly distinguishes their pharmacy from others by emphasizing their unique commitment to crafting ingredients specifically tailored for pets. He states that their shared dedication to pets made the decision to collaborate with PetCentric an effortless one.

“It was a no-brainer, based on what their mission is and how they are trying to provide to veterinarians and what they are giving to pet parents and the education pieces they are providing around it,” Padgett said.  “Of course we wanted to do what we could to help with that, and we’re excited at the opportunity to get a chance to.”

The joint efforts of PetCentric and PetScript will streamline the process of obtaining customized pet medications, eliminating the need for pet parents to compromise on the quality of their pet’s prescriptions and furthering PetCentric’s efforts to establish a solution for the entire range of pharmaceutical needs — including medications that can be difficult to find. Through a PetCentric subscription, pet owners will now have access to a comprehensive selection of high-quality prescription medications, over-the-counter products, and nutritional supplements at competitive prices.

“A lot of the companies that are doing care plans – they have missed the mark,” Padgett explained.  “They are big corporate companies, and they don’t really understand how to advocate and work with the veterinarians. So PetCentric being an independent company really understands putting the veterinarians and pet parents first, versus putting the dollar as the first approach.”

The expansion of PetCentric is shedding light on the issue of veterinarian burnout and the formidable challenges veterinarians face. A crucial aspect contributing to this burnout is the financial burden associated with healthcare expenses, including the high costs of pet medications. Recognizing this pressing challenge, PetCentric and PetScript are devoted to mitigating the burden by offering affordable pharmacy services and cost-effective medication options.

“We aim to empower pet owners to provide the necessary care for their pets, ultimately reducing the strain on veterinarians and promoting the well-being of pets,” PetCentric Health CEO, Heather Moore said.

By making pet medications more accessible and affordable, PetCentric Health and PetScript Pharmacy hope to reduce the instances where pet owners feel unable to provide essential healthcare for their pets. This, in turn, will help alleviate the burden on veterinarians who often face the heart-wrenching challenge of having to turn away pets in need due to financial limitations.

To take it one step further, PetScript also offers free medication for staff pets.

PetCentric Health and PetScript Pharmacy are committed to supporting veterinarians in their mission to provide optimal care for pets. By working together to alleviate the financial burden on pet owners, this partnership aims to create a more sustainable and compassionate approach to pet healthcare.

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Written by Danielle Seat